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Panel Discussion and Group Exhibit in Washington. D.C.
griselda san martin
Feb 25, 2018
"15 Stories of Hope, Change, & Justice" is an exhibit of works on pressing global issues by the first cohort of the Anderson Ranch Arts Center's Advanced Mentored Studies Program, which is a three-year workshop focused on visual storytelling and documentary photography, based in Snowmass, Colorado. Led by award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker Ed Kashi, and James Estrin, the co-founder and co-editor of the New York Times photography blog Lens, the workshop has produced works by photographers and filmmakers that tell stories with great power, authorship and relevance to many of the global issues of today. 

No one arm of government or society can conquer the pervasiveness of problems such as climate change, providing adequate health care, or the integration of refugees into a new homeland. Ways of thinking and seeing across sectors and disciplines are necessary to solving global challenges "“ and photojournalism remains a vital tool in communicating the obstacles and opportunities associated with important policy issues. 

The work in this exhibit was produced with impact in mind, featuring stories on policy-relevant issues such as the rights of native peoples; refugees; and climate change. The panel discussion will focus on the impact documentary photography can have on policy, and how creative storytelling can shape a more prosperous global order. 

How Photography Changed the World
The rise of smart phones, the development of digital camera technology, and the growth of the internet have increased the quantity, frequency, production, and transmission of images around the worl"¦

Griselda San Martin

Griselda San Martin is a documentary photographer and visual journalist based in New York City, Tijuana, and Barcelona.
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